Luchino Visconti


He is fairly tall with broad shoulders and icy blue eyes. He keeps his dirty blonde hair slicked back most of the time and has a pronounced widow’s peak. His usual attire comprises of very expensive and fine quality clothing. Most of the time he is seen in immaculately tailored but very conservative three-piece suits. He wears a pin on his lapel, a red cross outlined in gold. Inside the Prince’s Elysium, a small church within downtown Kansas City that he owns, he will occasionally wear a surcoat over whatever he is wearing that night, which certainly draws attention.


Luchino Visconti is the current Prince of Kansas City. He came into power when the previous Prince, Allister Van Zant, left to become an Archon. He had only previously been in the city for a few years before Prince Van Zant took off, but had considerable influence and the backing of the Toreador Clan, which was the most powerful politically due to the Prince being from them. His main opposition to the Throne of Kansas City was the Ventrue Clan. Through some means (to this date neither he or the Ventrue involved wish to talk about it) he managed to split some of the Ventrue into supporting him. The ones who supported his cause he dubbed the “Golden Ventrue” and the unofficial moniker of “Silver Ventrue” was labeled to the Ventrue Clan. With that split he had enough sway to claim the Throne with no contestation.

Luchino Visconti

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